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FS1 Universal Frame Synchronizer/Converter.
FS1 is a powerful and flexible frame synchronizer and high quality converter that helps you work with mismatched signal types to establish a consistent format for post production or broadcast.
FS1 is loaded with comprehensive I/O that lets it handle the widest range of analog and digital signals - and convert between them.

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FS2 A world of conversion possibilities.
With dual-channel conversion and frame synchronizing in a slim 1RU space, FS2 can do the work of two separate devices or combine both processors together for maximum flexibility.FS2 offers unprecedented conversion and frame synchronization power in a single 1RU space.

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Dolby decode

Dolby decode

Dolby decoder for FS2
Dolby encoder for FS2

Dolby® E option

Optional Dolby E cards give FS2 the ability to extract Dolby encoded signals, which can then be assigned just like any other audio input to FS2.

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Frame synchronizer inclusief 64 kanaals MADI audio over coax/fiber
FS1-X is the next evolution in frame synchronization and conversion. Within its compact 1RU chassis, FS1-X integrates an amazing array of video and audio connectivity and processing, including 64-channel MADI audio over coax or fiber. With its flexible architecture, FS1-X utilizes a high-quality, motion adaptive linear Frame Rate Converter for smooth motion conversion between a wide range of frame rates whether for broadcast, production or live events.

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