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Aja IO 4k/uhd

Aja IO 4k/uhd

4K en HD I/O voor Thnderbolt 2
Io 4K is the next evolution of capture and output hardware offering a full set of professional video and audio connectivity with support for the latest 4K and UltraHD devices and High Frame Rate workflows. The power of Thunderbolt 2 enables Io 4K to handle a wide range of formats from SD to HD, UHD and full 4K over both SDI and HDMI and support 4K frame rates up to 50p/60p.

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IO EXpress PCIe

IO EXpress PCIe

Desktop-level power to go
Io Express delivers desktop-level functionality that"s powerful enough for the edit suite, but sturdy and portable enough to handle life in the field.

IOExpress PCIe with PCIe card
IOEXPRES EXP34 With Expresscard 34

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Compact professional editing
without compromise
Io XT is the ideal portable companion for lightning-fast video capture and playback for professional post production and on set applications.
Compact, portable and powerful, Io XT is loaded with high-end features including 3G/Dual Link/HD/SD-SDI, Component Analog and HDMI connectivity, to bring true desktop-level power to any Thunderbolt™-enabled Mac, with full uncompressed HD and SD 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 capable video and audio connectivity.

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Thunderbolt™ powered SDI and HDMI output.
Get 10-bit SD, HD and 2K output from any
Thunderbolt™ enabled Mac.

324,00 €(excl. BTW) Toevoegen
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