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Aja Kona

Aja Single channel 3G/1,5G-SDI I/O PCIe 2.0 card
cost efficient single-channel 3G-SDI 2K/HD 60p I/O card with serial control and reference/LTC
565,00 €(excl. BTW)
Aja 4-Channel HDMI capture 1 x 4K/UHD or 4 x 2K/HD PCIe 2.0 card
HDMI Capture for Multi-Channel HD or Single Channel UltraHD
839,00 €(excl. BTW)
Aja HD/SD 10-bit digital and 12-bit analog PCIe card
KONA LHe Plus supports both HD/SD analog and digital I/O for video and audio,
930,00 €(excl. BTW)
Aja HD/SD 10-bit digital and 12-bit analog PCIe card, HDMI I/O
1.380,00 €(excl. BTW)
Kona 3G
The power to perform

KONA 3G is a video and audio desktop I/O card that provides professionals with unparalleled features for handling everything from SD to HD, 2K and 4K - all with full 10-bit uncompressed clarity.
KONA 3G supports Dual Link 4:4:4 HD-SDI, with full-bandwidth 4:4:4 RGB at 10-bits for 1080i, 1080p, 1080PsF and 720p formats. KONA 3G can also convert between 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 formats for single link HD-SDI monitoring and output.
With a broadcast-quality up/down/cross converter and the ability to work in 3D, KONA 3G has the power for the work you do today and into the future.
1.845,00 €(excl. BTW)
Aja Kona 2K,4K dual link HD/SD 10bit PCIe card 8lane 4K HDMI out, 4K SDI out
1.845,00 €(excl. BTW)
Aja IP video/audio I/O card. 8-lane PCIe 2.0, 2 x 10GbE SFP cages,
HDMI monitor output.
Support for SMPTE ST 2110, 2022-6 and 2022-7 uncompressed video
2.990,00 €(excl. BTW)
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